F.I.T.E. first formed on a campsite in the Far North of New Zealand. Two obsessive South American musician/writer brothers, Luis and Marcello meet Matthew, an English song writer/singer. Within a few weeks of meeting the trio were writing and started to sing together. Within a few months the NZ tour was organized and an album was recorded. The first F.I.T.E. album ¨Energy Rising¨ is powerful, and resonates across cultures and time.

The band has a life of it´s own. Many a musician have brought flavor over time. Many more are touched on a vibratory level. The three founders have now been joined by two Chilean Guys: Danny and Esteban…One day they jumped the canoe, didn’t say a word… just started paddling. Danny is the gifted, hard working (not really) drummer and percussionist. Esteban plays base,sings, plays hand drums and can do most things so fast, he leaves dust in his wake.

“Our canoe moves fast. Jump in, Hold on, lets get outta here.

We have some navigation, our journey never ends. We need everyone on-board.

Don´t be afraid, pick up a paddle”

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